Success in life is good health. You eat healthy, you exercise, you get the right amount of sleep, yet life’s full of surprises.
But did you know there are some services OHIP only partially or doesn’t cover at all?
Eyeglasses, dental work, physiotherapy, medical devices and prescription drugs...
Provincial health coverage offers a basic health insurance package and there is much more a family needs in terms of health insurance. More than 50 percent of the Canadians end up spending from their pockets for health-related issues. If you feel financially overburdened because of spending a lot of money on health we have got you covered. We are here to bridge the gap between the provincial health insurance coverage and the actual needs of a person/families.

Our Plans are available for individuals, couples, families, children and self-employed individuals. These plans are suitable for those who do not have any coverage through work, are self-employed or retired, require special needs coverage for themselves or for a family member, or just want to enhance their current coverage. Under a typical Health & Dental Plan the following benefits may be offered:

  • 80% of the cost of prescription Drugs subject to a maximum limit per year
  • 80% of the cost for Medical & Paramedical Services subject to a maximum limit per year
  • Vision Care (includes consultation with an optometrist)
  • Dental Care (Preventive Services, basic care, major care & orthodontics care)
  • 100% of the cost for Hospitalization subject to a maximum limit per day (Semi-Private or Private Room)
  • Travel Insurance (first 30 days of a trip with a max benefit of $5,000,000)
If you are self-employed or an entrepreneur in the Province of Ontario, your healthcare premiums may be tax-deductible. If you are a salaried employee, the premiums you pay are considered medical expenses therefore making you eligible for the Medical expense tax credit in Ontario