Super Visa Insurance
Super Visa for the parents or grand parents of immigrant families require medical insurance of minimum $100,000 for at least one year (365 days). We understand that purchasing super visa insurance for your parents is a major milestone for you. Considering your parents health concerns and your budget we offer cost effective insurance plans with the suitable definitions.

Travel Emergency Medical Insurance
This insurance will help to protect Visitors or tourist coming to Canada from any unexpected but yet very expensive medical costs. Costs may be related to any medical emergency, such as unexpected illness/sickness or accidents that may happen while they are traveling in Canada. Any visitor to Canada has to have this Medical insurance –because Canadian health care does not cover/ provide medical care for visitors or tourist or returning Canadians free of charge. Why should you purchase Canadian Travel Health Insurance , simply, hospitals recognise Canadian Insurance companies and you will not have to pay thousands of dollars and wait till you get back to your country of origin to get reimbursed. For visitors coming to Canada without Visitors to Canada Emergency Travel Insurance covering medical expenses can be financially overwhelming.